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Gathering ’24 will be 20-23 of JUNE – Prince Edward Island!

See invitation and instructions.

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The big news is that we will be holding the 2024 Gathering in Prince Edward Island in Canada, between June 20th and 23rd. PEI has very strong Monaghan links, and very many Tr*n*rs settled there in the nineteenth century. Many of those families subsequently moved on to other parts of north America, and accordingly, it is a great location for the next gathering, and to pre-register, click here to register. The event has an upper limit of 350 attendees, and as of November 2023, there are already 200 persons registered.

Newest Volume of Treinfhir Book is Almost Here

PEI 2024 (June 20-23) will see introduction of the latest edition of the Treinfhir Book. The book team has been hard at work putting this together, working with a group of authors to bring out a new set of stories which we think you will find inspiring, interesting and in some cases, quite amusing.

For those of you who may not know it, the Treinfhir Book – this is the second printed volume – was the brainchild of long-time clan member Ted Trainer. It arose from his vision of a continuing compendium of stories that would chronicle who we are, where we came from, and all that we have done in our personal and professional lives over the past decades. Ted’s idea was that this big family of ours has a compelling story to tell.  It is best told through the memories we all have of those who came before us and from our own personal experiences as well.

Along with celebrating the latest edition of the book, the team will be hosting a workshop during PEI 2024 to explain how the book is developed, how stories are chosen for it and how we work with authors to bring their stories to life. If you are coming to PEI in June, we hope you will attend the workshop, which will be held on Saturday, June 22nd and that this workshop will inspire you to contribute your own story to a future volume of the book.

The workshop will be led by Charles Traynor; other team members who will be on hand to answer your questions include Ted Trainer (Maine), Noel Treanor (Clontibret, Ireland), Ann Purdy (Maine and PEI), and Bill and Ellen Trainer (New York). If you are unable to join us in PEI but have an interest in writing a story for the book, any of us will be happy to hear from you any time.

Our warmest regards,

The Treinfhir Book Project Team

Noel Murphy of Castleshane is an experienced radio documentary maker, and is working on the story of the Treinfhir Clan, entitled ‘The Strong Ones’. He has many brilliant interviews and stories in full on his patreon site. Members of the clan can exclusively access all his documentaries here at the lowest cost, just contact ourselves for the requisite password.

Noel Murphy interviewing Tomas and Ramón Trénor in Valencia for his documentary programme

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Image Credit

The image at top is a section of The Domhnach Airgid (silver church), which is an ornate shrine, fashioned out of silver and bronze that was intended to hold a sacred text.  The Domhnach Airgid was reputed to have been given to St. Macartan (the first of our Clan). It is said to be one of Ireland’s most prized possessions and is housed in the National Museum of Ireland.  Photo by Marceau.  This section depicts St. Patrick presenting St. MacCartan with the Gospel Book.  For more information and photographs, please visit Irish Archaeology, whom we gratefully acknowledge for use of the photo.

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The Treinfhir Clan descended from Mac Treinfhir, the (Son of) Strong Man who aided St. Patrick during his travels as a missionary around 432 CE.  All descendants can be traced to County Monaghan, Ireland.  For the full story about us, see our About Us page!  Photo taken in Monaghan by Órla Brady..


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